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The Healer Foundation Affiliated Schools

We endorse and offer support and affiliation to members who are teaching and expanding the efficacy and quality of complementary & energy medicine.
The following is a list of registered affiliated schools, with links to their concepts and the modalities taught. The listed schools are registered with and their work is endorsed by the BCMA - British Complementary Medicine Association.

1 Hutton Holistic Therapies

More details here
Proprietor: Lynn Marshall
Email: Tel: 07851 570447

2 The Yorkshire Mind & Body Centre

More details here
Proprietor: Norma Bingley
Email: Tel: 01977 648066

3 The Healing Touch - Quantum Breath Energy Healing

More details here
Proprietor: Di Wilson B.Ed; M.Ed;
Email: Tel: 01723 871437 / 07941 196890

4 Wellness Now Centre, Worcester

More details here
Proprietor: Kay Zega
Email: Tel: 01905 26002

5 Crystal and Energy Healing School

More details here
Proprietor: Deb Hextall BSc (Hons), MVHF, BCMA Reg, Dip Stress Management Training
Web: www.crystal-and-energy-healing
Email: Tel: 07884 313127

6 Transformation Touch Training

More details here.
Proprietor: Diana Tyson Cert Ed; QTLS; ITEC; VTCT
Tel: 07951 506407

7 Potential Training

More details here
Proprietor: Dr Alweena Awan PhD; B.Ed. honours; KFRP; Associate DPA; Teacher; Lecturer
Web: and
Tel: 01535 275851/ 07751 529731

8 Gentle Birth Method Academy

More details here
Proprietor: Dr. Gowri Motha
Email: gowrimotha@gentlebirthmethod. com
Tel: 0208 530 1146



Diploma in Healing with The Healer Foundation

A course of study over 2 years that includes the very best in energy medicine teaching.
A unique programme of learning that provides opportunity for professional development and personal growth with a programme that is varied, inspiring and perceptively guided from professional well respected and experienced tutors.

Details from Di Wilson or Rena Guttridge