Useful Links and Website Credits

Here are a selection of useful web sites that you can explore:

British Complementary Medicine Association
Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies
Quantum Touch
Angelic Reiki
Emotional Freedom Technique
Traditional Feng Shui
On the Healthlines web site you can buy a whole range of flower and other essences.
Health Kinesiology UK
Quantum K - with a free download manual
Love Technologies are a UK based manufacturer of quality bespoke Orgonite products, Earthing\ Grounding equipment and a UK distributor for organic essential oils, salt lamps, shungite crystals and gemstones.
The Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival held at Kings Hall, Winter Gardens, Ilkley, is the UK's premier festival promoting natural remedies & related products. Established in 1988, the twice yearly Complementary Medicine Festival attracts over 2000 visitors a day, with exhibitors and practitioners from all over the country. Well worth a visit... 10am to 5pm, both days.

End March and end October each year.

Organic Portal: the directory lists organic food suppliers in England , Scotland , Wales and Ireland- farm shops, veg box home deliveries and organic farms.
Bloch Healing: a healing touch therapy based on 'person-centred' principles. There is a website for potential clients at and for professional therapists at with many articles on health and healing.
Cygnus Books select the best mind body spirit books from the 100s published every month, and make them available to you at reduced prices so that you can feed your soul....without burning a hole in your pocket! Available at MBS festivals and by mail.
See the free monthly magazine for reviews of all the best MBS books - apply online for your copy.
Test4allergies - allergy tests and relief. Allergy symptoms - asthma, eczema, hayfever, headaches, rashes may be due to allergies / food intolerances to dairy / milk, wheat, dust mites, pets.
He Hi She Lo - has a huge selection of tumble stones for sale and many other crystals and minerals from around the world. There's a wealth of information on Crystals and Crystal Healing, plus an A-Z listing of crystals and their healing properties. All this and crystal jewellery too !
Zizi Dragon is a UK supplier of Healing Crystals, Amethyst and Agate Crystal Geodes, Rough Crystals, Crystal Tumblestones, Crystal Balls and Spheres, Wedding Crystal Favours, Crystal Birth Stones, Crystal Jewellery and Silk Pouches.
The Peiffer Foundation: Positive Thinking correspondence courses, workshops, seminars and books from Vera Peiffer
Empowering Decisions From The Heart . Free ebook and 30 day video course Feel Better Right Now!
Spirit of the web - Teachers and leaders in spiritual web design.
Free downloads for therapists.
Esoteric World Search Engine with links to many esoteric and medical sites


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